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Icostudio has garnished its reputation in the blockchain industry by providing a host of offerings with the help of an accomplished panel of experts that create full- fledged crypto powered applications. Not leveraging the blockchain trend is like waiting at the seashore with a boat when you can actually sail through it. We are ready to take your innovative idea on board and provide you with appropriate blockchain solutions to succeed.

Our Services

We take care of all the hassle and constantly monitoring your campaign so no issues arise on either side.

Blockchain Development

Implement blockchain technology to maximum advantage with custom solutions to fit your requirement.

Blockchain Consulting

Reliable advice from our competent experts to help you achieve the best from our wide range of services.

Asset Tokenization

Assets such as Art, Real Estate, Gold bars are highly illiquid and legally compliant tokenization of real-world assets can help you raise funds.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

White-labeled, highly secured, controlled, centralized and decentralized exchange with the fastest matching engine.

Design & Video Production

Kick your campaign off right with a unique, attractive artwork. Work with a team of videographers to capture your event, live stream it and edit it.

ICO/STO Marketing

Strategic ICO/STO marketing campaigns with a powerful combination of online & offline promotion to attract investors.

Our Portfolio

We’ve helped over 220 companies in the following industries solve their most complex technology challenges. Now see what we can do for you.


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Our Process

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